This was sent to us and we are happy to promote this lovely initiative:

Walk & Gawk Contest

The Walk & Gawk Contest is open to individuals residing in Centre Wellington. Only “homemade scarecrows” with an address location and fully filled out entry submission will be on the tour map and included in the contest.

Contest Rules

Create as many scarecrow creations as you like, we’d love it but only one per household/business will be eligible for a prize. Creations must be homemade not commercially purchased. They can be any type of 3D (not drawings please) monster, princess, scarecrow or zombie, do what you like, just keep it clean for all ages.

Please email in a photo of your creation (Mailing address avail upon request.) and you will be given a number with which to print out or hand draw in a large bold format (no smaller than 8” high) and place out with your creation.

Each creation must be visible on your own property. Placed out no later than October 20 and kept in place in good condition until October 31. The closest intersection to where you are located will be placed on a map and made available online so Gawkers can drive or walk by, view and vote on your creation. Winners are announced October 30th and asked to send in a second scarecrow photo. Preferably with the creator(s). Prizes will be dropped off to you.

Tour/VotesWhen walking or driving the tour PLEASE adhere to pandemic safe distancing. Voting is open to anyone taking the tour. Tour maps will be made available online

Voters are asked to email using the subject line scarecrow and in the email body only the number of your chosen favourite scarecrow on display. EMAIL YOUR VOTE TO:

Prizes will be given to the top three voted winners.

Prize donations are appreciated please communicate by email with donation in your subject. Your donation will be recognized if you desire. Many thanks.

Brought to you by 2 Monster March makers Julie & Steph

Lit-up Pumpkin head

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash