Earlier this year, the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) announced there would be a cap of 1,300 visitors to the Elora Quarry. They now changed that into a hard cap of 1,300 visitors A DAY. Once that limit has been reached, the entrance gate will be closed for the day, only to be reopened the next day.

The GRCA recommends people visit one of its other nearby parks in the event they find the Elora Quarry not letting people in anymore. Suggestions include the Elora Gorge (which has a splash pad), Belwood Lake, and Guelph Lake, as well as other local attractions in town.

People are encouraged to arrive early or call ahead if they plan to visit the park. Information on daily Elora Quarry park status can be obtained by calling 519-620-7596.

The Elora Quarry