It was a beautiful day for Remembrance Day services in downtown Elora. The sun shone. The weather was warm for a November day. And the wind picked up at just the right time, blowing the flags of the Legion Colour Party. The streets were lined with residents, young and old, who came to pay tribute to Elora locals who gave their lives in wars, past and present.

A large crowd attended the Remembrance Day Services in downtown Elora with the Fergus Pipe Band.

One speaker remarked that Canada has never started any wars, but Canadians were always willing to serve, and to assist others. We were reminded that Canada is a peaceful nation, and that we owed that peace to our soldiers who enlisted, and fought on our behalf. It was heartwarming to listen to the speeches and to consider what the soldiers may have been thinking when they made the decision to enlist. Thank you to all speakers for sharing their thoughts. Thanks too, to those who raises their voices in song to provide even more inspiration.

The Elora Legion Colour Party marches past as part of the 2012 Remembrance Day Service.

It’s always moving to see the colour party and veterans pass by in the parade that ends the services. We know that they gave a piece of their lives for something that they believed in. One has to respect the decisions and the actions of people who chose to take on the unknown. Why did they do it? For adventure, for duty to the country? There are many reasons, but all chose to do something. Whether it was a mission of war or a peacekeeping operation, we respect the sacrifices that they made.

WWII Veteran Lew Hornsby visits with friends and family after the 2012 Remembrance Day Service in Elora.

Now the services are over and we have gone back to our lives. Christmas is coming. The weather is getting colder. We are living in peace. As we remember, we must do whatever is necessary to go in peace and to live in peace. We can end all wars. We just have to learn that we are all unique. It’s good that we don’t think in exactly the same way. Our differences can cause wars, but they can also change the face of the world for the better. We must all make the choice in our hearts to embrace the differences of others. For only then, can we live in peace.

Remembrance Day wreaths in front of the Elora Cenotaph.