Update: Unfortunately due to “unforeseen circumstances” this play has been cancelled!

A dinner party for three: one man living and two deceased. Pull up a chair and be the fourth.

After two successful runs in Toronto, the play Dinner With Goebbels is coming to the drama room at Centre Wellington District High School. Playwright, psychiatrist and peace activist, Mark Leith imagines a dinner party for three, hosted by Karl Rove. Creator of the now endless War on Terror campaign, Rove was the public relations advisor to George W. Bush.


The guest of honour is Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud and inventor of the profession of Public Relations (P.R.), a more acceptable term than “propaganda”. Bernays is possibly best known for his orchestration under false pretences of the U.S. Invasion of Guatamala on behalf of his client, the United Fruit Co. of America to secure their banana plantations.

A third person, also a disciple of Edward Bernays, sits at the table. This is Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda who was able to rouse the German people to invade Europe and to support the “Final Solution”, the extermination of European Jews. Goebbels is a surprise guest invited by Bernays.

The stated reason for the dinner is for Rove to honour Bernays as the father of P.R. and to celebrate their achievements. Rove however, has another agenda in mind.

The play will be presented at CWDHS on Friday, October 18th. An afternoon performance will be exclusively for students. Prior to the event, the drama and social justice teachers will discuss the play with students. Some students will assist with technical aspects. There will be a Q and A session with the actors and director after each performance. The evening performance is open to the general public at 7:30 pm.

Ticket price is $20 at the door or from sponsors or $21 at www.dinnerwithgoebbelsfergus.eventbrite.ca. For more information visit facebook.com/dinnerwithgoebbels or call 519-787-0461.

Proceeds to Centre Wellington Food Bank.

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