On May 2nd, CWDHS Amnesty International Presents “The Hunger Game”

 Essentially, you are given a character when you walk in the door that determines what your experience will be. It’s entirely random, so you may end up on the floor or you may end up with a fine dining experience!

This unique and interesting community event intends to raise awareness about hunger, both locally and globally. A role play type event, it includes speakers from the CW Food Bank as well as our local Amnesty Club.

Tickets are $7, and $20 for a family.

The doors open at 5:30.

Additional tickets may be available at the door, but can be reserved in advance at 519 – 843 – 2500 ext. 558 by leaving a message.

An interesting experience for the entire family! Donations to the food bank greatly appreciated.”

See attached poster for all information.

Amnesty First Draft