Welcome To The Village Of Elora, Ontario, Canada

Elora Ontario - Entry Sign

Welcome to Elora, Ontario, Canada

The Village of Elora has been a tourist destination since its early days and it keeps up its tradition for fun. The Elora Gorge is still the perfect spot for a Sunday picnic. Groups and families explore the waters, trails and caves. Zip-liners traverse the gorge and tubers shoot the rapids in the Elora Gorge Park. Shoppers stroll along Mill Street by the Grand River, listening to the roar of the water tumbling around the Tooth of Time.

Across from the OLC Slots (Grand River Raceway), the Elora Festival starts its annual show every July. The music fills the air as it filters out from various churches and other local venues. Earlier in the season visitors and villagers support the festival’s annual book sale at the Elora curling club.

Water is an important feature of Elora. Fly fishermen practice their skills, tempting brown trout in the cool waters of the Grand, while bathers come to test the warmer waters of the Elora Quarry. The Spring runoff provides the perfect challenges for seasoned kayakers.

Those who love to shop are not disappointed. Mill Street was the original commercial centre and it provides some quaint boutiques and restaurants. The shopping continues as the stores climb Metcalfe Street up to MacDonald Square.

The Village of Elora provides something for every taste. Hikers and cyclists take to the trails within the Elora Gorge Park, or head east on the Elora Cataract Trail. The village, itself, is best appreciated with a walk around town. There are plenty of fascinating churches, homes and commercial buildings. The gorge is spectacular.